Tips to Sell Your Acreage Home For Top Dollar

Location! Location! Location! This term has been used in the real estate industry in many different contexts, but for the sellers of homes on acreages, including farm, ranch, luxury, resort, large acreages, or homes on small acreage in subdivisions, the term can translate into greater difficulty finding a qualified buyer simply because the location is often less populated than homes in the city. However, a less-populated location does not have to hamper a successful sale.

Modern real estate marketing methods and tools attract the interest of qualified buyers from not only the immediate area but also from hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Todays’ real estate advertising outlets can reach a nationwide audience if properly marketed. This increases your chance of selling your home for top dollar without it lingering overly long on the market.

If you are currently selling your home on an acreage, or plan to do so in the future, and have concerns about your chances of success, the following tips will help you improve its marketability and improve the odds of a better selling experience.

Embrace the Rural Location

Since you obviously cannot move your home to another location, it is important for you to embrace the location so that a potential buyer can do the same. Even if you are attempting to sell your home in order to move to a more populated area, you must still be able to market your home’s location in a positive light.

Homes on acreages are increasingly popular with out-of-state buyers particularly with those with job transfers from other states. People relocating due to job transfers with TAFB, the energy and oil industry, Boeing or others, find that Oklahoma prices allow them to afford an acreage property with shorter drive times than their previous locations. There are many homebuyers in the marketplace who are seeking a less populated place to live, and allowing your home’s location to be seen as a benefit is the first step in attracting them. By determining potential selling points about your area and highlighting them in marketing efforts, you will have the best possible chance to attract serious, qualified buyer prospects.

Potential Selling Points of Homes on Acreages

Some potential selling points about your rural home might include:

  • Nearby attractions, such as recreational areas, area lakes, ponds, or rivers, public hiking areas, bike trails, wildlife & hunting
  • The opportunity to farm, garden or own livestock such as horses, cattle, and goats on an acreage property
  • Wooded areas, wildlife or game refuges
  • Scenic views or an interesting history of your land or the general area
  • Being able to live slightly off-grid with private water wells, areas without Homeowner Association rules, room for alternative energy sources like solar or wind power
  • A warm, welcoming rural community with smaller, and often less crowded, school options
  • Emphasis the spaciousness of your property by clearing away clutter on both the inside and outside of the property, including outbuildings and barns. Staging your property will increase your return and help your home to sell faster
  • Stage and enhance your outdoor entertaining area. People buying acreage property want to spend time outdoors so set up several areas where they can relax or entertain family and friends. Add intimate seating areas, pergola, or a fire pit. Stage porches and patios with seating, plants, and patio furniture

These are just a few of the reasons why certain buyers seek out rural properties, therefore it is very important to include them in marketing your home in order to increase your chances of success.

Seek Out a Real Estate Agent Who Embraces Rural Properties

Getting your rural home or property noticed is more difficult than in a subdivision or urban location where capturing the attention of the neighborhood, as well as pedestrian and vehicle traffic, can sometimes be as simple as placing a for sale sign out front.

Since most rural properties do not have this advantage, it is very important to hire a real estate professional who both understands the challenges of marketing acreage properties and utilizes the tools and skills to market them successfully. When interviewing real estate agents to sell a rural home or property, look for those who:

  • Have a successful track record of selling homes or properties similar to yours so that your home doesn’t linger on the market. Time is money
  • Someone who deals with acreage property on a daily basis may have a list of qualified buyers who are just waiting for a home like yours to hit the market
  • Understand and utilize technology to bring maximum attention and exposure to your property, including networking with other agents and employing the power of social media exposure
  • Embrace and offer creative ideas, such as marketing horse properties through equestrian publications and events, or marketing rural homes suitable for retirees through senior’s organizations and publications
  • Advise you on specific issues of concern to rural property buyers, such as those pertaining to rural septic systems, water supplies, and internet choices
  • An experienced realtor can assist you in pricing your home so that you don’t leave money on the table. Hiring an experienced realtor may net you 15% to 20% more
  • Successful marketers of acreage property will often have a stockpile of qualified buyers with specific needs. It is not uncommon for these buyers to move to smaller acreages in a subdivision because they are not able to find the large acreage they are wanting
  • Can help you prepare your acreage property for the market and know how best to present both the exterior and interior to prospective buyers. They will be knowledgeable of the ways to best market your home through aerial photos and video, and will have a great understanding of the type of questions potential buyers will ask regarding surveying, property lines, zoning restrictions, and Covenants and Restrictions requirements that may be imposed on your property

Saturate the Local Area

An experienced realtor will position your home to be marketed on all of the major real estate portals that are used by homebuyers in this area including realtor databases,, Zillow, Trulia,, Google, Yahoo, Youtube, Craigslist, Lands of America, and many, many, more.

Remember too, that your neighbors and friends may know someone who wants to live in a rural property just like yours. Make sure to ask your agent to include them in your marketing efforts, in addition to utilizing proactive marketing methods designed to target the general area.

This can be accomplished by word of mouth, visible signage, and having your real estate agent provide marketing materials to local businesses and publications to get the word out. Brochures or simple postcard or business card ads can be placed on area bulletin boards, such as those at feed or farm stores, the local courthouse, coffee shops, and grocery stores.

While it is true that selling an acreage property can be challenging, partnering with a well-qualified real estate agent is the best way to conquer the challenges and succeed in having a successful selling experience.

Local Expert

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